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Drumming Circle

posted 18 Aug 2011, 13:51 by Colin Berg   [ updated 9 Dec 2011, 05:28 ]

As seen at the Village Fete - Come & play the djembe drum & be part of a regular drumming circle

Learn to play ancient traditional African rhythms & also freestyle with your own creativity.

Meets every two weeks on a Thursday evening. 

Beginners & all ages welcome

For more info contact Jay - email

Online Watch - making Little Mill safer

posted 27 Jun 2011, 03:07 by Colin Berg   [ updated 8 Mar 2012, 03:02 ]

Gwent Police now operate an Online Watch Link (OWL) and have a number of active watches in Little Mill. Unlike the previous Homewatch Scheme it does not entail attending meetings as all communication is done online.

If you have a computer with internet access go to and click on “watch link”. By entering your post code the system will then link you to your coordinator who will give you all the help you need to get set up and on line.

If you want to make Little Mill a safer place then join OWL.

Car Boot Sale Improvements

posted 13 May 2011, 05:07 by Colin Berg   [ updated 8 Mar 2012, 03:04 ]

Two successful car boot sales were held on Easter Monday and the May Day Bank holiday the follo
wing week. To make things safer the sellers now set up their stalls on the playing field so that the whole car park is available for people visiting the sale.  The separation of cars and pedestrians has been well received, and so will continue as long as the field is not too muddy.

There are excellent reasons for choosing to use our car boot sales:
  1. Free car parking on a hard surface
  2. Excellent and reasonably priced refreshments available in the Buffet Room of the village hall
  3. Good toilet facilities available in the Village Hall
  4. The boot sales are not too frequent, only taking place on Bank Holiday
  5. Ease of access
  6. Play area available for children
  7. Sellers only pay £5 per pitch
The next boot sale is between 9am and 12noon on Monday 30th May

The Village Hall is on Facebook

posted 6 May 2011, 09:45 by Colin Berg   [ updated 8 Mar 2012, 03:05 ]

Want to know the latest that is going on at and around the Village Hall? Do you want to share something about your own experiences or thinking? Then why not visit the Little Mill Village Hall page on Facebook.
You can find it by clicking here

Your Village, Your News

posted 1 Jun 2010, 15:50 by Colin Berg   [ updated 11 Aug 2012, 09:21 ]

The fourteenth issue (Aug/Sept 2012) of village newsletter is out and is being delivered around the village this month.  A copy is available on the "on-line documents" page of this site

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