Booking The Hall

We offer the following to all hirers:
  • A half hour set up and a half hour clear time that is included without charge.
  • Bookings in excess of four hours per session receive one hour free.
  • A building that is fully accessible for wheelchair users and has a disabled toilet.
  • A large free car park.  
  • Hirers are able to make their own catering arrangements, and their is no additional charge for the use of the kitchen.
  • A play area and playing field immediately adjacent to the hall, as well as a bookable sports court.
Step 1 - Which room do you require? Click here for more information on facilities
  • Main hall - can accommodate up to 180, costs £12.75 per hour
  • Annex - can accommodate up to 60, costs £9.20 per hour
  • Buffet Room - can accommodate up to 30, costs £6.15 per hour
If you require more than one room we offer a discount for booking 2 or more rooms
  • Main Hall and Annexe - £20 per hour
  • Main Hall and Buffet Room - £16 per hour
  • Annexe and Buffet Room - £13 per hour
  • Whole Building - £24 per hour

Step 2 - Check for availability on the calendar below
(Click on the booking to see which room is being used)

Village Hall Bookings

Step 3 - Make a booking enquiry
  • Send an email to request a booking by clicking here or sending to
  • or, contact Colin Berg, the Booking Secretary, on 07528 759773
Step 4 - Booking confirmation
  • The booking secretary will send you a hire agreement for completion.
  • When you return the completed agreement to the Booking Secretary with the hire payment the booking will be confirmed
Step 5 - Your booking
  • On the day of your booking a member of the hall committee will meet you at the venue half an hour before your booked time to open the building, show you around and answer any queries
Do you need anything extra?
 If you would like to hire a classic wedding car from a local company, click this link

Colin Berg,
18 May 2018, 02:26
Colin Berg,
18 May 2018, 02:26