Hall facilities and hire charges


Drone video of Little Mill Village Hall (taken and donated by David Chandler)

Main Hall

The Main Hall accommodates up to 150 people, and has a stage that can be configured to a range of designs in any part of the hall. 24 folding tables (183 by 69 cms by 71 cms high) are available (each seating 8 people) plus 180 chairs. There is a pull-down screen (1.5 metres square).

The maximum dimensions of the hall are 17 metres by 11 metres (with the stage dismantled)

There is also a bar that is available for hire at an additional charge.

Hire charge

£12.75 per hour. Bar set up charge £25


The annex is able to accommodate up to 60 people. It has a separate entrance from the rest of the building and can be used with concurrent activities in the main hall.

The maximum dimensions of the hall are 12 by 5 metres

Hire charges

£9.20 per hour

Buffet Room

The Buffet Room can accommodate up to 20 people.

The maximum dimensions of the room are 7.3 by 4.5 metres. There are seven folding tables available measuring 122 by 61 cms each.

It has a hatch servery directly from the adjacent kitchen.

Hire charge

£6.15 per hour


The kitchen has recently been improved with the installation of an eight burner, double over cooker and a new larder fridge. There is also a microwave cooker and sufficient cutlery and crockery for 100 people.There is no additional charge for the use of the kitchen. Those wishing to hire the kitchen alone should book the buffet room and the use of the kitchen will be included in the price.

The external sports area

Multi-Purpose Sports Court

The sports court is available for local people free of charge if no other facilities are required. However it is not possible to reserve the court on this basis.Those requiring use of the changing rooms and toilets are charged £2.50 per hour and the availability of the court is guaranteed. Groups needing use of the Annex pay the normal rate of £9.20 per hour, but availability of the court is guaranteed.Tokens can be purchased for lighting the court, and these cost £2 per hour.